Sunday, 29 December 2013


As the year comes to an end I thought I would do a round up of my favourite posts! I have now been blogging for 7 months and I have enjoyed it so much! My favourite part about blogging is the community it comes with. I didn't realise how lovely everyone would be, well I didn't really know before that there was a community! They are so supportive and encouraging. My blog has given me lots of opportunities such as events, meeting lots of new people and discovering new brands!
Slam dunk - Just for the memories!
Brighton - I love this pinafore
After my first blogger event 
I love the leather and camouflage combination 
Wild dreams - my friends uni project it was so much fun.
I loved this post because I actually did something to my hair! - Tartan curlys
My current favourite dress worn to a blogger lunch!
Last but not least my love for pinafores is too much so had to throw another one in!

I have added links under each of the photos so feel free to have a cheeky read! Hopefully there will be many more great blogging things to come in 2014! Happy new year everyone!


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Friday, 20 December 2013

Blue jumper

Jumper - Primark
Blouse - Darling clothes(sample sale)
Skirt - New Look
Necklace - Boots
Earring -
My lovely mother doing her best blogger pose! 
Thought I would feature her because she took my photos for me.
Isn't she cute?!?

So I'm currently back home in Cornwall for Christmas and having so much fun. I wore this outfit to do some Christmas shopping with my mum and we went for a lovely lunch. I bought this jumper when I was in London from Primark and I love it! The knit pattern and colour reminds me of my nan so I'm even more fond of it. And it was about time I owned something with a hint of colour :)

Hope your all having a lovely Christmas! And excited for the Christmas sales!!

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Monday, 16 December 2013


Last week I went to Copenhagen for a short holiday with my boyfriend and it was so lovely! I had so much fun. We are both always so busy in the summer so we never get to go on holiday then so we tend to go in December time! We got to do a lot of tourist things e.g. the zoo, Tivoli gardens, tour the carlsberg factory and go on a walking tour of the city. Copenhagen put me in such a festive mood with all the lovely Christmas decorations. Here are a few of my snaps!

These are only a few of my photos, I got a new camera so I got a little snap happy! Have you ever been to Copenhagen?



Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Shopping haul - Ebay, Primark, Darling and Motel Rocks

Since I've stopped my shopping ban I have gone a little bit crazy!!! The shopping addicted in me needs to be tamed quickly! It all started with a trip to Primark, then some online shopping and then a trip to Darling clothes sample sale! Now that I live in London I go to sample sales all the time, they are the best! It offers me the chance to buy from brands I can't usually afford or get the ones I love for super cheap. Darling clothes was a really good one, the prices ranged from £5 - £15 which is amazing, a dress from them is usually £45 and any dress at the sale was only £12! What a bargain. So here is what I've been buying!

Primark - £8
Primark - £5
Darling sample sale - £5
Darling sample sale - £12

Darling sample sale - £8
Darling sample sale - £15
Primark - £3.50 I'm obsessed with turtle necks.
Primark - Coloured tights
I have finally bought some coloured wool tights! Perfect for winter.

So since my haul my shopping has calmed down a lot! Lucky for my bank account! But my wardrobe has some very lovely my items.

Hope you like my new items,

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

#LDNBloggersLunch feat Motel rocks

On Saturday I went to a bloggers meet up, organised by the lovely Angharad over at style-trunk I had such a lovely time and it was such a good turn out! I've only been blogging for 6 months so it was really great to meet lots of others with the same interests. Hopefully another one can be organised in the near future! Here are some snaps from the day (thanks to Banke) and what I wore.
What I wore -
Dress - Motel Rocks
Cut out boots and necklace- New Look 
Earrings -

I love this motel dress, it's my favourite at the moment and it was perfect for the lunch because it covered up my full stomach! Lots of yummy wine and pizza! Thanks again Angharad for organising such a lovely meet up!


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