Monday, 20 May 2013


Recently I went back to Cornwall for my cousins wedding. It was gorgeous weather which was super lucky because it was forecast to my cloudy (never trust the weather man/woman). My lovely boyfriend bought me some Irregular Choice shoes and I spent ages trying to find a green dress to match! I ended up finding a lovely dress from joy the store. The day was so much fun, lovely weather, lots of food and drink and surrounded by family and friends what more could you ask for! :)

My baby cousin and I.

My family.

The cousins.

The boyfriend.

The shoes.


The wedding cake - all cheese!

Dress - Louche (
Shoes - Irregular Choice
Hair feather and bag - Monsoon accessorize
Shawl - My mums

This dress! It was a mission to find, I've discovered no where sells green dresses! I went to Westfield Stratford, Drake circus Plymouth, trolled the web and then finally joythestore. I really like the scallop detail around the neck and it fitted really nicely. The material is quite thick as well. Top marks! 

The shoes! The Shoes! I love these shoes and I managed to wear them the whole day (11hours) which is an accomplishment for me. They have a nice thick heel which makes it better. I just love Irregular choice, I love how different they all are. They are a bit more expensive then I would pay normally (because I am a cheap skate) but their sales are very good! 

The hair feather and bag were a day before find. I didn't really want a fascinator so I opted for a feather. I thought the pink would go quite well with the pink shawl and my dip dye! The bag was excellent I could fit so much in it, but it did get glitter all over me, just added a little sparkle to my dress :)

Over all it was an amazing day and wish my lovely cousin and his new bride a long and happy marriage!



  1. Great post! I love your hair. x

    Tanya | Cat at Heart

    1. Thank you!
      Your blog is lovely!

  2. Thanks for the post! Your hair is lovely! So unique and chic.


  3. Love your dress - really like green! :D


  4. You look lovely! The dress is so pretty :) xx


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