Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Yes please #1

Yes please -1

Asos tie dye shift dress - I really want this dress I may go and buy it in a minute! It will be perfect for a trip to the park/beach or I can dress it up for a trip to the pub. Asos are also offering 20% off for students at the moment which is tempting me even more.

Ebay cat ear bowler hat - This hat is super cute and a little different to just a plain bowler. I love the colour and the little ears. Plus it's only like £4 but will have to wait a long time due for postage.

Mod dolly galaxy print skirt - I really like this skirt because I don't own anything like it pattern wise. I think it's the type of skirt I could wear all year round as well.

Topshop jelly shoes - These shoes would be so cool for once the sun finally starts to shine. I owned a pair when I was little and it just reminds me of being young.

Mod dolly floral dress - This dress is really lovely, I always love a good floral print. I could wear this dress either a day in the sunshine or a night out.

Hope you liked my first 'yes please' blog, hopefully there will be many more :)




  1. Ohhh that tie dye dress is so gorgeous! Haha I really hope jelly shoes come back into fashion, I used to love them so much! x

    Following you :) xxx

    The perks of being a hipster

  2. those shoes are awesome! Great post! I really like your blog by the way, followed you on bloglovin, maybe follow me back?
    kisses and have a nice day,

  3. Aww for some reason I can't see the image! :( Sound like lovely items though, I would probably say 'yes please' to them all :)

    Lyndsay xx

  4. Oh my god that hat with the little ears, is just so cute and adorable. I need one!!! xxx

    Gemma | ♥

  5. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    yes please from me too! I love anything mod dolly so I'm a massive fan of that skirt :) the hat would be worth the wait x

  6. Wow i love the asos shift dress!! deff tempting. lovely blog aswell btw.. I'm new to blogging too, maybe we could follow each other?



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