Tuesday, 25 June 2013

London Tourist.

So myself and Toni (Perks of being) went on a lovely London tourist day a short time ago! We both moved to London at pretty much the same time due to being at University together so after living here for roughly a year and a half we thought we should do a walking tour of London. I totally forgot that we took some photos so here they are. Toni also has blogged so go and check out her lovely outfit (click here).


Coat - H&M
Jumper - Gilly Hicks
Shirt - Ebay
Leather look skirt - New Look
Creepers - Shoe zone
Ship Necklace - Kukee
Bag - Bottletop

Walking is definitely the way to see all of the tourist spots in London, we started at Waterloo and finished in Trafalgar Square. Such a lovely day. Hope you like my post.



Saturday, 22 June 2013

Red Nails

I love red nails! This polish is really good, this is just one coat and it has stayed on really well. Normally my varnish chips straight away! It also has quite a thick brush which makes painting your nails super quick! Maybe I will buy some new confetti top coat stuff to make these nails a bit more interesting :) 

Rimmel 60 seconds 320 Rapid Ruby

Just a quick little post! Sorry the photos aren't that good I can never quite get the right lighting.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What's in my handbag?

Moneysupermarket are holding a competition to win 3 Mulberry prizes. So I thought I would enter! 

I'm in love with this bag, I use it all the time, whether it's just popping into town or on a night out. It looks quite small but I can fit so much in it! The brand is bottletop. So my bag contains my red purse which I bought from a charity shop (roughly £4) a very long time ago and I probably should get a new one! Some Asda headphones which cost roughly £3 they are very good. There is also some trusty hair pins (£3), my oyster which I couldn't go any where with out. My make up and top up nail varnish which costs about £40 all together mainly due to be being a cheap skate and I don't ever pay full price. My keys and my New York keyring which cost me $1 when I visited in December. And last but not least my Nokia Lumia!
That's pretty much everything!

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Thanks for reading,

Saturday, 15 June 2013

One Campaign

Warning Photo Heavy!! This week I went to the Tate Modern where the One campaign put on a 2 day concert where lots of different artists performed! And it was completely free! It was amazing and such a good course! I got to see James Morrison, Biffy Clyro, David Gray, Paolo Nutini, Tinie Tempah, Tom Jones and Jessie J. Amazing hey! It was really beautiful as well the sun was setting.

Rain coat - New Look
Camouflage shirt - New Look
Sport top - Ark Clothing
Jeans - Old Topshop
Purple boots - Dr Martens

I did warn you that it was photo heavy! Anyone else go to the event? It was lots of fun! Remember to follow me on bloglovin if GFC is going :( You can also find me on twitter.


Friday, 14 June 2013

Posh awards

I have just discovered this and thought I would give it a go! So all you lovely people if you would like to nominate me for maybe the best fashion blogger or best newcomer that would be amazing! I have only been blogging for a month and I am loving it! Thank you wonderful people.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

One month

Happy 1 month anniversary! Ha ha I no I'm stupid. I'm pretty impressed with myself for going a whole month of dedicated blogging. So now the sun has left me I have gone for a slightly wintery look. I love velvet so much, it's my favourite! I own so much velvet it's ridiculous! So I'm currently on my second week of placement and it is so much fun, tiring but super fun!

Denim tin tin shirt - Thrift store
Velvet skirt - Ark clothing
Shoes - Dr Martens via ebay
Backpack - Holiday buy from Tunisia!

I bought this shirt from a Thrift store in East London when they were having a £1 sale, It has a picture of tin tin on the back it's so cute. I love it. The velvet skirt was from ark's sale, I also bought the same in Navy! My backpack is my favourite! I use it all the time! I bought it from a market when I| went on holiday to Tunisia last summer, we bartered well and got an excellent price! 

So as you all may know there's a possibility that GFC is going so we should all start following each other on bloglovin click here :)



Sunday, 9 June 2013

Just so Kukee!

I discovered this online store called Kukee (click here) through another blog and was amazed by the pieces and even more impressed with the price! It is so cheap and the products are really good and handmade. My order came in a cute little box with pink tissue paper and each item was bagged up separate plus a free gift was also in there! The free gift was a knuckle ring.

So all in all I bought:
 ship necklace
 creepy hand earrings
 triangle aztec earrings
 and some cool hand collar tips.
All for £13.50 delivered!

I just looked back on the kukee website and there's even more stuff I want now like this deer necklace which is only £3.50!
I highly recommended this jewellery, it's cheap but the quality is excellent and all handmade!
Hope you liked my choices, do you have a favourite?



Friday, 7 June 2013

Motel sample sale haul.

I went to the Motel sample sale in central London last week, I thought I was going to either buy everything or nothing. There was a lot of beautiful dresses for £15 or 3 for £30, there was also baskets of recycled items for £2 which I obviously went crazy for because I love a good bargain! 


So everything was £2 each apart from the blue dress which was £10 and happens to be my favourite! It can be seen on my previous post (click hereand the strapless dress is perfect for this lovely sunshine we are having! Blue dip dye dress available online here.
I hope you like my buys. Do you like any?


Thursday, 6 June 2013


Fed up of having many tabs open with all of your pay day wants? Well this new website Mallzee.com looks so good! It has a lot of your favourite brands in one place, which are easy to scroll through. I assume they will start adding more and more brands, well that's what I think they should do :) 

They start off by showing you outfits and you say whether you like them or not and then they are meant to show you what you may also like from the brands that you have chosen. Sounds good doesn't it!



Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Friday night drinks

Friday was beautiful weather so myself and my housemates were sat out in the garden all day! And naturally once the sun is out so does a few drinks (well it does for me anyway!). We decided to go down to London Bridge to a few of the pubs there.

Lovely Charis from CharisCity

Smock Dress - Motel Sample Sale (Online version here)
Necklace - Vivienne Westwood sample sale (Online version here)
Shoes - Primark
Daisy headband - Wild Dreams

I wore my blue dip dye dress which I got from the motel sample sale (post coming soon), my Vivienne Westwood necklace, black pumps from Primark and my daisy headband from wild dreams. This dress is really comfy! I normally get a smaller size but because it was from a sample sale there was only the bigger size. I don't mind because it's a smock dress so it's super loose to cover up my tummy after a couple of drinks. This dress will be really nice for a sunny day or if I wanted to dress it up with heels etc. In my eyes a great buy!

Hope you like my post, anyone else go to the Motel sample sale?


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