Wednesday, 12 June 2013

One month

Happy 1 month anniversary! Ha ha I no I'm stupid. I'm pretty impressed with myself for going a whole month of dedicated blogging. So now the sun has left me I have gone for a slightly wintery look. I love velvet so much, it's my favourite! I own so much velvet it's ridiculous! So I'm currently on my second week of placement and it is so much fun, tiring but super fun!

Denim tin tin shirt - Thrift store
Velvet skirt - Ark clothing
Shoes - Dr Martens via ebay
Backpack - Holiday buy from Tunisia!

I bought this shirt from a Thrift store in East London when they were having a £1 sale, It has a picture of tin tin on the back it's so cute. I love it. The velvet skirt was from ark's sale, I also bought the same in Navy! My backpack is my favourite! I use it all the time! I bought it from a market when I| went on holiday to Tunisia last summer, we bartered well and got an excellent price! 

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  1. Nice outfit, you easily pull off the velvet look! :) x

  2. love your blog!!
    would you like to do a follow for follow? :D
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    thankyou! XX

  3. I adore your skirt!
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  4. lovely hair!
    shall we follow?

  5. congratulations !!!!
    followed you back!!

  6. I really love velvet, I don't know why I don't have more of it in my wardrobe! Maybe I'll invest for the autumn :) you look lovely - sounds like you got some real bargains in that outfit too x

  7. love the velvet skirt! xxx

  8. Happy anniversary, my dear! ^_^ <3 You always have the best shoes! Love the jacket and skirt! :D

    - Anna

  9. loooove the velvet skirt- and your shoes are AMAZING! (happy anniversary too! yay!) xx

  10. I'm in love with those Docs and the bad is gorgeous! xx

  11. LOVE that jacket -- it looks HOT!

    {style + travel}

  12. you look cute :)

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    have fun :)

  13. nice!
    would u like to follow each other?
    let me know

  14. Hey Gurl!
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  15. maryjane docs, tin tin on denim, magenta velvet? What is not to love in this? I'm following you on bloglovin

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  17. Rock and chic. :)

  18. Congratulations on your 1 month blogging anniversary! I love what you're wearing, very rock chick! I especially love those shoes! Docs are my favourite! Haha if you get a second I'd be honoured for you to look at my blog. I'm your newest follower haha


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