Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day trip!

WARNING - photo heavy! This Saturday I went to Brighton for a cheeky day trip! My friend Treve had never been and my boyfriends band were playing so thought why the hell not!?! It was so much fun, being tourists, eating fro yo and watching some sweet bands play! The gig was also free at the green door store which is always a bonus. Otto, Moose Blood, Bangers and Gnarwolves played.

Brighton Pier was lots of fun the most typical thing a tourist can do in Brighton! We played in the arcade and went on the roller coaster it lasted 30 seconds and cost £4, I think it was worth it :)

Repping the Otto tshirt! My favourite tshirt at the moment, not bias that it's my boyfriends band or anything....With Jamie the singer at the merch stand. I decided to be merch girl my new favourite job!

Yes I did warn you that it was photo heavy! Sorry there were just so many taken I couldn't choose so they all went in the post! I hope you liked my post. Why not follow me on twitter?



Thursday, 25 July 2013

New look sale wish list #4

I love New Look especially when they have a sale on. Their prices are always reasonable but then when its sale time everything is super cheap!! I grew up in a small town where New Look was pretty much our only clothing shop so I think that's where my love stems from. Their clothes always fit me well, not like topshop where everything is super tiny and costs £40. I'm still on my shopping ban so I haven't bought anything in 56days. Having my debit card stolen has certainly helped with the ban. So here's my wishlist.

New look sale wish list #4

You may notice that I am obsessed with the dungaree/pinafore trend going on right now. I just think they are super cute and are perfect for a trip to the park or to the pub. These pinafores/dungarees dresses range in price from £7 - £11. 

Disco pants have become a staple to most peoples wardrobe, I refuse to pay the price of American Apparel (you may have noticed that I am a big cheap skate) and these disco pants are only £7. I currently own black and red ones so some navy ones would be nice.

The three tops, the black one is because I lack plain tops to go with all of my patterned pieces. The purple crop top is really cute and would look great with the disco pants and some hot pants in the sunshine. And the floral skull print is just pretty, no justification needed :) These top vary in price from £5 - £8.

The two pairs of shoes, the sandals are really cute. I have a pair of chunky black sandals but some more delicate ones would look really cute with all of my pinafores for a more girly look. The cut out heels would just be pretty for the summer. The prices range from £9 - £25.

Hope you liked my wish list, do you like any of my picks?


Monday, 22 July 2013

London Summer

On my day off the sun was still shining brightly, I thought hmm maybe I should do my revision for my exam next week or I could take a trip to Borough Market and Tower Bridge. So I'm sure you can all guess which one I chose to do and here's a few photos of what I wore and what I got up to.

Dress - New Look
Sandals - Ebay 
Sunglasses - Primark
Earrings - Vivienne Westwood sample sale

This is my lovely friend Treve at Tower Bridge he was a fat piggy and had a chocolate and Baileys cheesecake and a large cookie! I had a delicious cheese straw which I pretty much inhaled! Borough Market instantly has you salivating the moment you arrive, everything looks and smells delicious!

I apologise for the badly taken photos again! Its getting to the point where they may never improve! I think I need to invest in a tripod...


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Itsie Bitsie blogger event

So last night I was invited to my first bloggers love event! Waahhoooo! It was lots of fun! The only down side was that I came straight from work so I looked gross and probably smelt gross, sorry people!! The company was called Itsie Bitsie and they had a fashion show where their very very beautiful models showed off their beautiful bikinis. The models in bikinis made me hate my body just a little ha! So here are some badly taken photos for you.

 Myself and lovely Isabel who came with me!

The last two photos were from the way home, I got a little excited whilst going through Trafalgar Square! I think it was a mixture of sunshine and clothes, they both just tickle my fancy!

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

To the maxi


Maxi dress - New Look
Nail polish - Rimmel

So as summer has decide to stay for a little while I decided that maybe I should start wearing more of my summer wardrobe! I bought this maxi dress last summer from New Look for my holiday to Tunisia (last photo). It's a really comfortable dress to wear and it's the right length, I'm not tripping up over it because I am on the shorter side! I also really like the print.

By the time this post goes out I would of had my first day of placement, I'm not really looking forward to it because my last one was amazing! So I have pretty high standards. I'm trying to keep a positive mind and not put too much of a downer on it before I've even started. Wish me luck! :) 



Friday, 12 July 2013

Summer time.


Vest top - Old.
Maxi skirt - Primark
Necklace - ThisCharmingGirl (Now closed)
Earrings - Kukee
Bag - Ted Baker
Sunglasses - Ebay

I apologise for the photos they aren't the best! This outfit was super comfy, I actually didn't do anything too exciting, it was mainly to go to the library and finish my essay which was due at 4pm that day! But I did get to go and play at Hampstead Heath afterwards! It was my first time there and I love it, it feels like you have left London! 
So back to the outfit, summer time is a big issue for me due to being extremely pale (and I hate fake tan) so I don't feel like I can get my pale legs out, they will blind people! So maxi skirts and dresses are the perfect answer! They keep you cool and I think they look great on everyone!
I love this Ted Baker shopper bag! The hot air balloon pattern is so cute and it's a great bag to use for the park due to it being able to fit loads in. 

Day 42 of no shopping!!

Hope you like my outfit.

LookBook - I have just joined

Monday, 8 July 2013

French Manicure

So whilst I am on placement I'm not allowed to wear nail polish :( When I have a few days off I have to paint my nails! So I've gone for a french manicure. I bought this Bourjois set ages ago and forgot about it. The white pot has an amazing brush which is shaped to make it easier for you to paint the tips of your nails which is perfect for a nail noob like me :)

I don't have the steadiest hand so it's not very good. Anyone have any tips for me? Thank you lovely people.



Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Stripes and leather.

Dress - Motel Rocks
Disco style leggings - Ebay
Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Ali Express
Necklace - Kukee

I wore this out for a meal and then we went to watch some fireworks/go to the pub. This dress is perfect for a meal because it's smock style so it covers my full stomach! I love it, super comfortable. 
New shooooees? These took a few weeks to arrive, I completely forgot about them and then had a nice surprise. They are very comfortable and only cost something like £12 delivered!

I have been crazy busy lately, July has only just started and I want it to be over! Currently on placement, start another one in a week or so plus I have an essay and an exam. Bring on August! Just a little moan for you :)

Hope you like my outfit,

Monday, 1 July 2013

Yes Please #3

So I've been super busy lately and my blog has been neglected! The next week or so is also going to be busy but hopefully I can make more time. Here's a quick post about what I'm lusting over. I am currently on a shopping ban! I haven't shopped for the whole of June!! I'm debating whether to keep it up for July as well, we shall see!
Yes Please #3

This pinafore would be amazing, perfect for all year round! It is also very 'on trend'. I would probably wear this with a crop top in the Summer and a blouse in the winter with a chunky knit.

These two tops from Dahlia are super cute.  I love the colours in both. They would be lovely for when the sun comes out or to brighten up the gloomy days :)

The shorts are just super cool, a little bit expensive for me but it is a wishlist. Love the multiple pastel colours. They would be perfect for the festival season which has just started.

Hope you like my wishlist.
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