Friday, 30 August 2013

Barry M Black Cherry Lip Paint

Now, you have to bare with me, when it comes to make up I'm not the most knowledgeable but I'm trying! So I purchased this Barry M cherry lip paint. It's meant to be 'enriched with cocoa butter and ultra moisturising'. When I first tried it on I wasn't sure but I carried on wearing it and now I love it! It applies easily and evenly. It's a big step for me and I think it will become my favourite to wear especially with evening make up when I have a lot more mascara and liquid eye liner on.  

This is my first beauty make up review so I hope you liked it! I'm sure I will be wearing this lipstick the next time I venture out into town. Don't forget you can now follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Blue dip dye!

I got bored of my pink dip dye and decided to go for blue well turquoise! And I love it. I use the directions semi permanent dye. The brightness does go quickly but a lighter shade stays for a long time. I already have blonde hair so there's no need for me to bleach and the colour always comes out super bright.

What you need -
your mum or someone who's willing to help.
Gloves - these are an essential
Old towel you don't mind ruining
And of course the dye.

And your set to dip dye your hair. I just put the dye in wait around for 20 minutes or so and then rinse. As easy as that :)

My pink hair before :)

My now turquoise hair :)

Currently I prefer my turquoise hair, I feel like it's a bit more 'edgy' rather then girly pink. Quite strange how I chose pink because I really hate the colour! Ha. Well I hope you liked this post and my hair! If you have any tips on dip dying or what colour you think I should go next leave me a comment :)


Saturday, 24 August 2013

No more shopping ban!

So after 83 days of being on a shopping ban I have bought something!! Well 3 things! But it was worth it because I am in love. It started with the boots, I've seen these online and wanted them. I came back to Cornwall and pretty much the only shop available in town is New Look, so I tried them on and they are super comfy so I bought them! Then I went to Boots and their jewellery was on sale so I bought a necklace and a ring!

Necklace and Ring £2 each on sale- Boots
Boots £27 (with student discount) - New Look

I'm sure my next outfit post will include these boots and probably every Autumn winter post ever that! I do feel a bit sad that my shopping ban has finished, it feels that my 83 days have gone to waste. We shall see I may start again...maybe.
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Blogger event #3

Last week I got to go to the So...? girls night in blogger event in Leicester Square. My friends were busy so I decided to be brave and go on my lonesome. I'm quite shy so this is a big step for me. At first I felt a little awkward but then I met some lovely ladies who were kind enough to take me under their wing! The night entailed having a delicious cocktail, eating sweets, getting my hair curled and nails painted. I had an excellent time. 
Photo thanks to glitterswalloffame

 The lovely lady curled my hair - cheeky bathroom selfie :)

Dress-Motel rocks
denim jacket-thrift store

I'm heading back to Cornwall at the end of this week for my summer holidays because I will be finishing my placement on Thursday! Yay! I'm super excited I will get to go to the beach and go for day trips (fingers crossed for sunshine). So maybe you will see some seaside photos!

Hope you liked my post.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

South bank

My house mate Emily and I decided to go exploring along South Bank. Now I have been there multiple times but I didn't realise it went all the way around to London Bridge, duh, definitely pretty obvious. So we took some tourist snaps and my feet were aching by the time we walked home! And I was super hungry due to being skint and having to avoid the hundreds of food places!

 Denim Jacket - Thrift store (£1)
Midi skirt - Motel Rocks
Bag - Bottletop
Sunglasses - Primark

Sorry not the most exciting post!.


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Blogger event #2

Thursday evening I got to go to my second blogger event and it was lots of fun! I took two of my lovely friends with me, Isabel and Georgia. This event featured two brands one was a jewellery designer, Nicola Crawford and the other was a fashion designer Angel Armogida. Also there were some delicious cup cakes which tasted so good I wanted another one, piggy. After the event we wondered down to Trafalgar square before we went home. So here are some photos for you to have a cheeky look at!

Featuring the cheerleader pose

My very lovely friends.

Isabel let me borrow her bag, it's so pretty!

Floral dress - Debenhams Henry Holland
Shoes - Ali express
Bag - Isabel's mums :)

I've decided that the next event I go to I have to try and be more sociable! I just really struggle talking to people I don't no (unless I've had a few drinks) I'm a bit on the shy side! Need to overcome this problem, one day it will happen! So if you're at the next event come and say hi to me!

Hope you liked my post,

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My First Time #Tag

So here's a chatty getting to know me post for you all. I was tagged in a my first time post so I thought I would continue the tagging.

The Rules:
  • You must share the following firsts and give the story or the context behind them. 
  • You must Tag 10 other bloggers to do to the tag. 
  • No tag backs
First Best Friend - 
My very very first best friend was a lovely girl called Vicki, we met in infant school she moved to Cornwall from London. We used to go over each others houses for sleepovers and dinner. We stayed close until secondary school. We still talk if we bump into each other when I go back to Cornwall. 

First Kiss -
I'm not sure when my first kiss was but I think it was when I was about 10 years old in some park bushes (sounds pretty creepy). I think we were dared and he was my 'boyfriend' at the time.

First Concert -
I believe my first concert was in Plymouth to see the Feeling with my lovely friend Rose. We managed to get to the front. It was excellent.

First Celebrity Crush -
I don't remember my first ever but I do remember crushing on Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And now I'm older I would probably fancy Spike.....

First Word - 
No idea! Probably muma or dada......

First Pet - 
My first pet was a budgie called JoJo, every time we went on holiday he stayed around a friends house who had lots of other birds, one time he didn't come back......

First Job - 
My first job was as a icecream girl/waitress at about 13. It was alright, I got to eat icecream on the sly and would have chip shop chips with curry sauce after each shift. Yummy.

First Phone - 
My first phone was a Motorola which I shared with my mum.....

First Tweet - 
Happy St Piran's Day!!

First Make-Up - 
My very first make-up was some blue eye shadow and I was too embarrassed for my mum to see me wearing it.


Lyndsay - Fizzypeaches
Danielle - Danielleyc
Ruth - KimKimiPie
Fifi - fifimcgee

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ark Wish List #5

Ark Wish List #5

Maxi dress - I love the print of this dress, so very pretty! And I love the back detail. I'm obsessed with open back so this is perfect. This dress would be lovely for the sunny days so I can cover up my pale legs or when I go back to Cornwall for the beach days I will have!! 

Animal theme tops - These tops are super cool! I love the animal theme. I think I would style the body a similar way to how they are wearing it, I also saw on their website the body styled with a leather skirt which I would definitely wear! I would probably wear the other top with some disco pants!

Space dress - This dress is so pretty and brave with the low scoop. I haven't been blessed so I can go without wearing  a bra so these dresses always catch my eye. This dress would be lovely day or night!

Dungaree dress - Surprise surprise, I had to throw in a dungaree/pinafore dress. I know, they are my favourite! This was on a previous wishlist, I still haven't got around to buying it (due to being on a shopping ban). This dresses are just perfect for all year round and for pretty much any occasion. 

Tie dye tee - I love this tshirt. I love tie dye so why wouldn't I love this!?! I love the added detail on the front. I can never have enough tie dye in my wardrobe. This tshirt would go with most things - shorts, skirt, dungarees, disco pants.

Well I'm still going with my shopping ban, it's day 65! But I can still lust over everything! 

Ark clothing always have such great items and also their sales are always amazing! They have one currently and I also want all of their disco pants which have been reduced! I own a pair of their red ones and they are so great, suck you in and are pretty thick!

Hope you like my selection of thing from Ark clothing.

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