Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ark Wish List #5

Ark Wish List #5

Maxi dress - I love the print of this dress, so very pretty! And I love the back detail. I'm obsessed with open back so this is perfect. This dress would be lovely for the sunny days so I can cover up my pale legs or when I go back to Cornwall for the beach days I will have!! 

Animal theme tops - These tops are super cool! I love the animal theme. I think I would style the body a similar way to how they are wearing it, I also saw on their website the body styled with a leather skirt which I would definitely wear! I would probably wear the other top with some disco pants!

Space dress - This dress is so pretty and brave with the low scoop. I haven't been blessed so I can go without wearing  a bra so these dresses always catch my eye. This dress would be lovely day or night!

Dungaree dress - Surprise surprise, I had to throw in a dungaree/pinafore dress. I know, they are my favourite! This was on a previous wishlist, I still haven't got around to buying it (due to being on a shopping ban). This dresses are just perfect for all year round and for pretty much any occasion. 

Tie dye tee - I love this tshirt. I love tie dye so why wouldn't I love this!?! I love the added detail on the front. I can never have enough tie dye in my wardrobe. This tshirt would go with most things - shorts, skirt, dungarees, disco pants.

Well I'm still going with my shopping ban, it's day 65! But I can still lust over everything! 

Ark clothing always have such great items and also their sales are always amazing! They have one currently and I also want all of their disco pants which have been reduced! I own a pair of their red ones and they are so great, suck you in and are pretty thick!

Hope you like my selection of thing from Ark clothing.

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  1. great selections!
    keep in touch, Love Rachael
    Poses with Roses

  2. I love the space dress! super cool :)

    I tagged you in my latest blog post - find out more here -

  3. Great picks! All look great! x

  4. Woah I've never heard of that store, all the items you picked are super cool! I love the tie dye tee <3

  5. I also love the tie dye tee! X

  6. love the shape of the space dress its stunning good choice(:


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