Monday, 7 October 2013

Haus of Deck Jewellery

I was recently contacted by the lovely Haus of Deck to review some of their jewellery and of course I jumped at the chance due to my obsession with jewellery! Now to be honest I haven't ever heard of them but after having a look at their pieces on their website and their boutique on ASOS I was impressed. I was sent two pieces and I really like them! They are on the edgier side which is my preference when it comes to jewellery! And also they are a bargain! The prices are reasonable they range from anything from £2 to £20!

Here are my pieces -

Here are some other pieces I'm lusting - 

Black Skull Earrings - £5

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the products the best thing is that the bangle is on the slightly smaller size and for me that's perfect because I have tiny wrists and nothing ever fits me so with a little squeeze to make it that bit smaller it is now the perfect size for me! If not I would have worn it further up my arm! I really like the necklace because I can wear it simply with a t-shirt or with one of my multiple blouses. 

Have you ever heard of Haus of deck before? Hope you like the products!


Disclaimer - Items provided free for review


  1. This looks great! Please check out my newest posts & including my new DIY lashes post at!

  2. these are gorgeous! x

  3. The heart bracelet is so cute! Definitely need to have a look at Haus of Deck :)

  4. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    That bracelet looks awesome!

  5. love all of these chunky goodies :)

  6. HUGE fan of jewellery.. Love that necklace! May have to check these guys out..



  7. Cute stuff! I love the necklace you're wearing and that heart bracelet.

  8. Oh cute! I love your picks especially the necklace. I will have to check this brand out, I've not seen them on ASOS and I am on that website every day- how did I miss this?! Thanks for showcasing them, enjoy your new pieces!

    Emma x

  9. I love all of those bracelets. It's great how their stuff is edgy, but not too in-your-face about it!

    Casual Concern

  10. love the spiked necklace!

  11. That necklace that you are wearing is so beautiful! Lucky you getting to review all this beautiful stuff. Love your blog! x


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