Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Shopping haul - Ebay, Primark, Darling and Motel Rocks

Since I've stopped my shopping ban I have gone a little bit crazy!!! The shopping addicted in me needs to be tamed quickly! It all started with a trip to Primark, then some online shopping and then a trip to Darling clothes sample sale! Now that I live in London I go to sample sales all the time, they are the best! It offers me the chance to buy from brands I can't usually afford or get the ones I love for super cheap. Darling clothes was a really good one, the prices ranged from £5 - £15 which is amazing, a dress from them is usually £45 and any dress at the sale was only £12! What a bargain. So here is what I've been buying!

Primark - £8
Primark - £5
Darling sample sale - £5
Darling sample sale - £12

Darling sample sale - £8
Darling sample sale - £15
Primark - £3.50 I'm obsessed with turtle necks.
Primark - Coloured tights
I have finally bought some coloured wool tights! Perfect for winter.

So since my haul my shopping has calmed down a lot! Lucky for my bank account! But my wardrobe has some very lovely my items.

Hope you like my new items,

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  1. Amazing purchases! I love the floral Primark dresses so much <3

  2. oh so many nice things!

  3. Nice haul! Great wintry purchases :-)

  4. Loving the floral dresses! They are so cute :)

    xo Mel
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

  5. Epic haul, so many lovely things! Love the check smock dress especially.
    Carrie xx


  6. Everything is so cute, so my style :3

  7. That floral dress from ebay is so cute! And what a bargain too! Brilliant find :)


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