Monday, 17 March 2014


During my time in Cornwall I picked up two Zatchels bags! Oops. I'm spoilt what can I say. They were on offer and I just couldn't resist and couldn't decided which one so I went for them both! They are such pretty bags. And I was desperate for an everyday bag so that is my excuse.

The red one isn't on their website so there isn't a direct link like there is for the silver bag. I think the silver saddle bag will be perfect for everyday and the red metallic one will be perfect for going to university or those days where you just have a lot of stuff with you. After I bought these I went straight to their website to check out their other pieces and I fell in love with their Kaleidoscope collection!

I would love to buy a barrel bag next, I really like the shape and would make sure a cute bag!

Have you bought from Zatchels before?


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  1. Ooo I really like the red satchel, it's so pretty! x

  2. I've always been a Cambridge Satchel girl and not really looked into Zatchels, but my word they have some lovely bags!

  3. love the saddle bag version!!! so chic!! :D

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  4. I've got a heart print Zatchel and I love it. It's perfect for stuffing full of books, note pads and tech on a trip into the city.


  5. I've not heard of this brand, but it looks great! Love the red bright!! Danielle x

  6. That barrel bag is awesome! I've been lusting after a satchel fir when I go to uni, they're really the perfect bag.
    Thank you for the kind comment- I always worry my posts are too much in the photo to words one way or another I don't seem to get the balance right

  7. I've always wanted a red satchel, I love Zatchels!

    Tara x

  8. I really love the red satchel! I don't have a Zatchel, but I'm pretty sure I spotted them on a Brand Alley bag clearance sale earlier in the week for very affordable prices. I always wanted a Proenza Schouler PS1 satchel after seeing Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl sporting one, haha ever the expensive taste :) xxx


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