Sunday, 17 August 2014

Wishlist #13

Wishlist #13
Leather pinafore - Regal Rose Choker - MissGuided smock - Motel Slip dress
Dr Martens Jadon - Vagabond brogue lace up - vagabond chelsea boot
New Look red chelsea boot - Stoned affection bee necklace

You maybe able to tell from this wishlist that I really really want a new pair of boots! I've been in love with the Dr Marten Jadons and Vagabond chelsea boots since last year and fingers crossed I should have a proper job super soon now that I'm finishing university and may have some pennies to treat myself with!! 
This is really the first pay check spend well if I bought all of this I wouldn't be able to pay my rent! 
The new look chelsea are a lot nicer in real life, I saw them in the shop the other day and tried them on and they were so lovely! And only £24.99.

Hope you like my wishlist


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  1. I love this! All three of those dresses are just gorgeous x


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