Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Lifestyle: Harry Potter Land

I went to the Warner bros studio some time last week and it was so magical. I was a bit late jumping on the Harry Potter train as I only read the books when I was 20 but I'm a big fan and couldn't wait to go to Harry Potter land in the snow! I'm not going to show that many pictures because I don't want to spoil it but here's a sneaky peek.
I would 100% recommend going to the Warner Bros studio! You get to see all the costumes, set designs and having a butter beer! You can also have a picture riding a broom with your robes, I didn't actually do this because I didn't want to wait in line by myself as my boyfriend is far too cool for this....to be far it did look a little embarrassing.

Have you ever been to the Warner Brothers studio?

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  1. I went last year, it's amazing isn't it!


  2. Oh I LOVED Warner Bros tour! It was truly magical!


  3. I love the books so much, they are amazing! Making me want to read them again. I'm sooo jealous that you went, I've wanted to go for ages - think I'm gonna have to make it happen soon!

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