Monday, 5 January 2015


Now I'm no longer a student I feel I have no excuse to start looking after myself! So my new years resolutions are pretty cliche?? New year new me (how gross). So what are my new year resolutions?

1. Get fit - yes I'm one of those who has joined the gym at the start of January! A gym has just opened up down the road from me so is only £12.99 a month without a contract so I thought if it only lasts s short while I can just cancel it and it's not a huge amount of money wasted. I have now bought a new pair of gym trainers too as my PE trainers from school finally broke (yep I left school 8 years ago) so I'm all prepped and ready to attend all of the fitness classes and sweat out on the cross trainer. My flat mates have also joined as we thought this would be a great motivator! One goes we all go!

2. Eat well - I'm vegetarian anyway and my diet isn't too bad but I just want to improve it a bit, cut out so many crisps, eat more vegetables and try and cut out dairy! Dairy is the hardest one, it's in everything, like cheese!

 3.Alcohol - I have cut down on drinking lots over the last two months mainly because I had one ridiculous night out and I didn't drink for a month after! The dream is to just drink on special occasions and cut out pointless drinking! I'm doing pretty well so far!
4. Blogging - since starting my new job I've neglected my blog so I want to get back on top of this and use my days of more wisely, especially week days when all my friends are at their 9-5 jobs perfect excuse to sit at my laptop all day!This goes for other social media platforms too. I need to organise myself and be more sociable. The diary needs to come back out! The aim is to also get on to YouTube, maybe!?!

5. Money - SAVE SAVE SAVE! My dream is to travel Asia so now I'm in a well paid job I need to start saving! Organising my finances is a pain but any reason to make a good list and I'm there! It's what I will be doing after I've finished writing this post! I also want to travel more in general! I'm pretty good at going on holiday, twice a year atleast!

So that's my life changes for 2015! Even if I just change slightly I will be pleased with myself! Have you made any New Years resolutions? Or broken any in the first week? 


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