Friday, 15 May 2015

20 Facts about me!

I've come to realise that the blogging world doesn't know much about me apart from that I take photos of myself in outfits in my flat and occasionally go outside to venture to a blogger event. So I thought after blogging for around two years now I should probably do a get to know me style post. I have put together some facts about me!
1. I am originally from Cornwall though I don't really have a Cornish accent but I do love a pasty or twelve.
2. I moved to London in 2011 to study and decided to stay... for now!
3. My job is a little different to most bloggers I would say. I'm a paediatric nurse. So blogging is really my escape from any responsibilities.
4. I have two tattoos, one I got when I was travelling around europe 6 years ago and the other I got a couple of weeks ago.
5. I am desperate to go travelling! My aim is to travel most of Asia soooon, currently in the planning/saving stage. I would like to go for around 6 months.
6. I'm a vegetarian, I have been for about 7 years now I can't imagine ever eating meat again.
7. I'm absolutely rubbish at spelling, and English was my worst subject at school.
8. Music - I've never really discussed music on my blog but I love pop-punk and rock. I am off to Download in June!
9. Paramore, tonight alive, the wonder years, sleeping with sirens, the Smiths, Marilyn Manson, my chemical romance, four year strong, the cure, Jimmy eat world, All american rejects, the pretty reckless, slipknot etc
10. I love reading, my parents bought me a kindle for my birthday this year and I'm getting through so many books! So far I've read the Millennium trilogy, gone girl, Dracula, girl interrupted and currently reading the bell jar. Definitely recommend getting a kindle if you enjoy reading. 
11. My so called other half is John we have been 'going out' for 6 years now. And he's finally moved back to London! He's cut his hair off now :(
12. I have a very close group of friends some new and some very old and most of them live in London which means I get to see them lots!
13. My dream is to be a lady of leisure, generally. I would have liquid lunches and go to yoga classes.
14. I'm a series addict, criminal minds, Pretty little liars, NCIS, vampire diaries to name a few.
15. I used to dance for about 12 years, ballet, tap, jazz modern. I would love to do it again especially tap!! Now I just boogie in grimy clubs such as Underworld in Camden. 
16. I am not an academic even though I have a degree! Education was never my friend it was just the only way for me to get my job.
17. Crisps are my all time favourite food. I could eat them all day everyday and sometimes I do just that and have to put myself on a ban!
18. I've discovered I prefer the cold weather to the sunshine.....My pale skin just loves a bit of snow instead of continuously layering the suncream on and being self conscious of showing off the milky white legs!
19. I don't really like personal contact, I'm not very huggy and kissing someone on the cheek when first meeting them is weird. I will only do this if you're my friend, they're the lucky ones!?
20. I am one of those Asthma/allergic people. Pass me my inhaler and an anti-histamine whilst my eyes are bright red from itching and I'm making a strange noise from trying to scratch my throat with my tongue.

I find it pretty difficult to write about myself! So that's enough about me! 
Tell me a fact about yourself!


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  1. Hey! Always nice to find fellow bloggers with similar musical interests :D is it your first time at Download? Feels weird me missing it this year. I liked a lot of the lineup, but it was too spread out for me across the days, so I'm going to see Marilyn Manson in a month in Amsterdam as he's playing a little venue there! Let me know if you have/do post any more on music :)
    x GNAR MOSH x

  2. I am desperate to go travelling as well, and I absolutely love your tattoo! What is your other one of?

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog


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