Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Book Worm

Ever since I got a Kindle for my Birthday I haven't stopped reading, so why not blog about it hey?! And with the holiday season upon us everyone needs a good book to read whilst lazing in the sun! I'm not much for romantic chic flick books I prefer something a little darker. When I first got my kindle I didn't know what to read, so I picked from the Kindle top list. I'm not going to go into the plots much as I don't want to give any spoilers away!
I started with Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, as it had been released as a movie I thought I would read and then watch the film. Don't bother with the film just read the book. Really great book to get me back into reading. Loved the twist!
Next up was the Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson, more recognisable as the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. These three books were so captivating I couldn't put them down. The first book is pretty dark, with violence both physical and sexual just to be warned if you haven't read/watched the films. After I finished this trilogy I couldn't read for a while as I enjoyed them so much and nothing really was taking my interest! So I indulged in the film versions both English and Swedish. I would love for there to be further books but unfortunately the author passed away but there is talk of a fourth coming out as he may have written more or a friend is continuing the books.
Then I moved on to a classic, Dracula by Bram Stoker. For a book published in 1897 this guy had such a cool imagination modernising the vampire with cliches this generation love so much, sleeping in a coffin during the day, scared off by garlic and crosses etc. I think when reading this book you have to keep in your mind when this book was written as it lacks as much action as I would have hoped for but I think that's because I am so used to everything being so action packed these days.
Up next was Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen.About a young lady who has been put into a mental health institution to be treated for Depression. I really enjoyed reading this book as I did watching the film after. I love reading her views of the other patients and the perception of others to her. Quite a short book I thought unless I just read it super fast, but definitely worth reading.
This lend me on to The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. This was another book that I struggled to put down. Another book about mental health and a young lady being admitted to a psychiatric hospital for treatment of depression including shock therapy. Definitely a classic and an extremely well written book. Not sure why I haven't read it before!
After The Bell Jar I had to take another break as I struggled to be interested in anything else. But eventually I started reading the Hate List by Jennifer Brown. This book is definitely a teen/young adult. Its about an American High School shooting carried out by the main characters boyfriend. This book took my fancy as I had just re-watched Bowling for Columbine so American school shootings were at the front of my brain. It's an easy read and talks through the pre and post events of the shooting. All thing I thought was the ending was super quick.

So I think that's everything I've been reading. Not sure if people are going to be interested in this post as it's a little different to what I usually go on about but hey everyone likes a little change once in a while! The book I'm currently reading is Corey Taylors seven deadly sins. After I seen Slipknot at Download I've become a little obsessed! 

Please leave me any recommendations of books you think I might enjoy or you've really enjoyed!

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