Friday, 3 July 2015

Plans for the Year

As Download has been and gone I am now thinking what I'm looking forward too for the rest of the year so why not tell you all about it too!?!

June - Mazey weekend - A festival in my home town in Cornwall which pretty much consists of 3 days of drinking in the sunshine well fingers crossed for sunshine! It also has parades and stalls etc. But I mainly love it as I get to catch up with my friends and get merry! This was last weekend and it was a lot of fun! Sunday was a tough day through too much alcohol, naughty. The sun did shine for us!
July - Graduation - I am finally graduating in July even though I finished my degree in September! Both of my parents are coming to London for it, I'm very excited for this as my dad hasn't been to London since I moved here in 2011. Then I am going back to Cornwall with them for the weekend for my nephews birthday.

August - Ibiza - My best-friend and I are planning a summer holiday and wanted a cheap all inclusive deal and it appears that Ibiza is the cheapest, so we thought why the hell not, it's meant to be very pretty off the strips full of drunken Brits. We've finally booked somewhere and we are going to San Antonio bay! If anyone's been there before please leave me your recommendations.

September - Canada comes to England - My friend Emily is coming back to London for a holiday and I'm super excited to see her! I used to live with Em-dawg in London before she had to go back to Canada stupid Visas! If anyone would like to marry her so she can stay here that would be great! I'm only joking she's already told me we're not allowed to organise this. 
October - Holiday in Jerez, Spain - I am going on holiday with my boyfriend and his family and their partners at the end of October for a week! We previously all went away last year to Sorrento, Italy and it was such an amazing holiday. We have rented from air bnb a cool house with a pool, pool party!
I think that's all my plans for this year so far! Hopefully lots more things will crop up! 

Any exciting plans for this year?

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  1. Have an amazing graduation and I hope you have a lovely time on both your holidays!! :) xoxo

    ♡Kudzai || NEWKIDBLOGS


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