Monday, 17 August 2015

Wishlist: Suede

I am seeing suede everywhere I go now, shops and online so I thought as I don't have enough money to buy anything at the moment due to coming back from holiday I thought why not do a little wishlist!?! Especially as I haven't put one together for a while now.
I have had my eye on the Missguided fringe jacket for a while now and super tempted to buy it on my next payday as my leather jacket is dying but I don't want it to be too cropped! 
I saw the Zara two piece jacket and skirt whilst at the airport and I was so close to buying it, already regretting it!

Have you bought any suede yet this season?


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Lifestyle: Wooh we're going to Ibiza!

Yes, my best friend and I went to Ibiza for a long weekend and it was a lot of fun! Sun, swimming and slushies! We stayed in San Antonio bay which is quieter then the party central of San Antonio which was a short walk away so at night we could venture there and experience the nightlife I've heard so much about! 
So during the day times it was a mix of lazing by the hotel swimming pool, playing pitch and putt, swimming in the sea which is incredibly warm, went on the inflatable wipe out obstacle and also doing a little of exploring of Ibiza town, San Antonio and doing a lot of eating and drinking vodka slushies!  

Ibiza town castle
We stayed in an all inclusive hotel so in the evenings we would drink there until the bar closed at 11pm. We met some non-english people at the hotel and we got them playing flip cup, yep definitely confirmed how much Brits drink. we would then head into San Antonio to explore the bars and we also ventured to one club Es Paradis for a neon paint party, it was pretty cool! I still can't get over the prices of getting into clubs! Fridays and Saturdays are atleast 40euro we went on a Sunday and it was 25euro. We were cheeky and made friends with a rep and we got in for 10euro! Score! 
Rose won the hotel bingo! Champagne flip cup.
If you want to have guaranteed sunshine, with lovely beaches and nightlife I would definitely recommend Ibiza. I would have loved a bit more culture but I think the boozey Brits have ruined that so not much is advertised! I might be wrong.

What are your Summer holiday plans?

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