Monday, 17 August 2015

Wishlist: Suede

I am seeing suede everywhere I go now, shops and online so I thought as I don't have enough money to buy anything at the moment due to coming back from holiday I thought why not do a little wishlist!?! Especially as I haven't put one together for a while now.
I have had my eye on the Missguided fringe jacket for a while now and super tempted to buy it on my next payday as my leather jacket is dying but I don't want it to be too cropped! 
I saw the Zara two piece jacket and skirt whilst at the airport and I was so close to buying it, already regretting it!

Have you bought any suede yet this season?



  1. Loving these picks! I can't get enough of suede either - a tan a-line skirt is definitely on my wishlist! The frinjedjacket is such an amazing find!

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