Thursday, 15 October 2015

Book Worm #2

As I'm reading more and more lately I thought hey why not include in my blog, especially as I've been pretty lazy on the blog front! Not sure if people will be interested in reading this types of posts but I'll give it ago anyway. Recently I've been back to Cornwall so the train journey gives me a lot of time to read as each way is 6 hours.
7 Deadly Sins - Corey Taylor

So I read Corey Taylor's (from Slipknot) 7 Deadly Sins. I personally wouldn't read this again as I found it a bit on the moany side and a little too preachy for me. I was hoping it was going to be a little more on the autobiography side. It did include some life stories but not enough. To be fair it was well written and I did like the idea of him relating his life to each of these so called sins. 
The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

I downloaded the girl on the train on my kindle as I was just looking for anything to read and it was on the top of their list. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book quite so much as I did! It was one of those books that I struggled to put down. I really liked the characters and how it all came together. The main character is at a low in her life and has an issue with drinking when one night a girl who she has been watching from the train goes missing and she can't remember what happened that night. I would definitely recommend reading this.

I don't want to write too much about the story line as I don't want to ruin anything for people who are going to read the books.


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