Friday, 18 December 2015

Lifestyle: Spanish Holiday!

Better late than never hey?! At the end of October I spent 6 days in the south of Spain and it was so so lovely! We rented a villa in Sanlucar de Barrameda and then went on day trips to Cadiz, Seville and Lake Zahara. Oh man take me back!

Cadiz we got to play on the beach and swim in the sea followed by a wonder around the town. And of course Tapas. We got the Ferry there which made me feel a little sea sick but it was worth it.
Seville was a bigger city and definitely lots to see and do, this would be perfect for a city break. All the buildings and shops are so beautiful. If you go make sure to book a flamenco show a head of time as everywhere was sold out when we tried :(
Lake Zahara was my favourite of the holiday, just a stunning place where you can walk up through the small town up to a castle high on the hill and have incredible views! Definitely worth a visit. 

The only thing I would point out is if you are vegetarian and visiting smaller towns then be prepared and take snacks with you as you won't be eating a lot! Everything has meat in! And doesn't always specify on the menu. But otherwise the tapas is delicious. Especially the Tinto de verano for 1 euro. Alcohol is super duper cheap I drank everyday whilst on holiday as a bottle of cava was 1.80euro. Boozy Brit. 

Have you visited the south of Spain before?


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