Thursday, 2 June 2016

New addition: Penny Skateboard

I am the happiest girl alive!! I have bought this very beautiful Penny skateboard! Skateboard you say? Yes that's right I'm a 26 year old reverting back to being a teen. I spend quite a lot of time during the week alone due to working weird hours so other than being sat at a computer blogging when its dry and I want to spend sometime outside why not go for a skate!?!
I have started on a smooth flat surface and it's going pretty well, my legs were killing after an hour of skating around or maybe it was the insanity workout I did the day before. I now skate to and from my friends house along the roads/pavements, definitely getting more confident.

Have you got an activity that's a little different? Obviously other than blogging? :)


Friday, 20 May 2016

Feels like Summer

Culottes - ASOS sale
Sandals - Missguided sale

This outfit is sale crazy! I got all of these pieces during the Winter sales and now it's finally time to wear them! Please sunshine stick around! I am desperate for a blazing hot Summer. Off the shoulder and culottes are my favourite trends at the moment, I can't get enough of them! I see them everywhere and love it, for a change! Usually if it's everywhere I can't stand it, probably by the Summer I will be sick of it.



Saturday, 14 May 2016

April Instagram

Carrying on with the monthly instagram round ups! Really love looking back through each month and seeing what I actually got up to! Yes this one is a tad late as we're half way through May but oh well I got busy. So April mostly consisted of park days, parties, days out and of course lots of junk food! Pretty much sums my life up! Oh and I also started running again! My aim this year is to get up to 6 miles. Last year I got up to 4 so fingers crossed I can run that far, doesn't sound much but for me it feels like a marathon! People who can run at are super crazy!

Hope your April was lovely, what did you get up to?


Saturday, 7 May 2016

Pin Stripes

Jumpsuit - New Look (Now on Sale)
Sandals - ASOS

Oh look another culotte style jumpsuit, two in a row!?! Yep I told you I have become a big fan of wearing this style! I'm currently in Cornwall for the weekend visiting my muma bear for her Birthday (Hi Muma bear). We are having a lovely time together and eating far too many pasties and fry ups. Definitely not beach body ready! 

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


Friday, 29 April 2016

Spring Floral

Shoes - Dr Martens via ebay
Choker - Depop (similar)

When you think Spring has finally arrived the weather goes in the total opposite direction! Looking out the window now it definitely looks like Spring but it's still so cold! Fingers crossed that the warm sunshine will make an appearance sooooon.
So back to the outfit, I have found my new favourite piece culottes, whether it's bottoms or jumpsuits I want them all! This one is from New Look which is now in the sale for £13. I love how they cover quite a lot of my skin but I can still feel summery and not too hot! As I am extremely pale I don't like to flash too much skin and it will get burnt!

I'm off for a spa day today then working the weekend. Do you have any exciting plans?


Monday, 25 April 2016

New addition: Tattoo

Back in March I got myself a new tattoo. I discovered Lilly via instagram and when she posted that she would be guesting in London at the family business in Angel I jumped at the chance to get booked in with her. I told her roughly what I wanted and she drew up the design and it is beautiful! And the tattoo turned out even better than the design. I originally wanted the tattoo on my left side but Lilly pointed out that the design would look deformed when moving. She was definitely right once she put the stencil on it really didn't look right. So I ended up getting it on my leg next to another tattoo. 
We had a good chat through it and I couldn't be happier with it! The heart is all healed now and I'm still in love with it! I have a few more tattoo ideas up my sleeve which I can hopefully get before the Summer time but I may have to delay it to post Summer depending on the bank account. 

Have you got any tattoo in the pimp line?


Friday, 22 April 2016

Dungaree Dress

Oh man I really need to get my dip dye redone it's looking a little bit faded! Hopefully I can persuade one of my friends to do it for my super soon! I bought this dungaree dress from ASOS recently and I love it! It's so easy to wear which means I've lived in it since it arrived.
At the moment I can't stop wearing super comfortable trainers, the thought of putting anything else on sends instant pains through my old lady feet. Vans and converse it is.

Oh and happy Friday! Sadly I'm working all weekend! What are your plans?



Monday, 18 April 2016

Double Leopard Print

Top - New Look via ASOS Now on sale £3.50
Skirt - ASOS Now on sale £7

I know I'm a bit late to the trend but I am really loving off the shoulder tops. I bought this one and another plain black one in the ASOS sale and I have fallen in love. I thought I would get annoyed with it possibly slipping down but it stayed in it's place. 
I originally wore this top with a leather skirt for an evening with my friends and I did feel a little like Cat Slater, mutton dressed as lamb, you know leopard print and leather has always been a bit trashy!

Did you buy anything from the ASOS sale?


Friday, 15 April 2016


I recently went to Cornwall to my home town to visit my family and to celebrate my dads birthday. I love going back to Cornwall especially in the Spring/Summer time you just can't beat the sand and sea! Unless it rains all the time then you definitely can. One day I will move back there but currently there aren't any jobs and most of my friends have moved to London too so it seems silly to leave them all. When I'm old I will buy a house that looks over the sea and go for strolls across the beach......maybe. 
Well back to my trip I always have a food check list I need to complete this usually always consists of a pasty, cream tea, jelberts icecream, a pint of rattler, a meadery meal and mead wine. This time I managed a delicious cream tea in Mousehole at the Rock pool cafe which is such a lovely place. You are sat looking out over the sea with a pot of tea and some delicious scones yum. Couldn't ask for more!
On the Saturday night we went to the meadery which is a odd place to describe it's meant to be as if you are in a pirates ship, it's dark, you eat with your hands and get served by wenches....only the Cornish. They serve fried food on wooden plates and super strong wine which always gives you a heachache the next day! We followed this with more drinks and a boogie in the trashiest place in my town. You just can't beat it ha.
I didn't manage a jelberts as they hadn't opened for the season yet, if you are ever in Newlyn then definitely take the visit there! They only serve vanilla icecream and it is amazing, you can even have a side of clotted cream! I forgot to have a pint of rattler probably good as I definitely would have been hungover. 

And last but definitely not least was the pasty! Now if you've never eaten a Cornish pasty then you really need to. And a pasty from Greggs DOES NOT COUNT! Just not even close. I got mine from Rowes which I ate on the train back to London as I ran out of time and it twas bleddy 'ansum! You just can't beat a pasty. My all time favourite pastys are from Philips, sooo good. 

Writing this post has made me super hungry! It wasn't meant to be food orientated but oh well.

Have you ever been to Cornwall?


Monday, 11 April 2016

March Instagram

So I thought as Instagram is my favourite social media platform I would start doing a monthly round up of all the photos I posted and maybe add a little story to the photos, maybe! We shall see how this goes and whether I carry it on. I hope you guys like it! Oh and here's a link to my account (click)!
So what happened in March, well a lot of Birthdays, sunshine, food and a trip back to Cornwall. It was a pretty great month, hey it's always a great month when all you do is eat and drink continuously! Many a food baby and hangover. I got to spend time with all my friends and see my family. Aww I like this reminiscing, already loving this type of post!  

What was your favourite thing about March?


Friday, 25 March 2016

Kilt and Biker Jacket

Kilt - Charity Shop

I think this is probably my favourite outfit at the moment and most of it was a bargain. I recently picked up this kilt in my local charity shop for £4.50, as soon as I saw it I had to have it! It's a bit different as it has buckles on each side which fasten the skirt together. Now this biker jacket was also a steal, I had my eye on it for a while then forgot about it but whilst browsing the Ark sale back in January when they had 50% off I managed to get this for £8! Unfortunately Ark has now closed down, sad times. I'm debating whether to put patches on it....My boyfriend has patches all over his denim jacket and I want to patch something of my own after sewing all of his on! I will think.
On to these booooots! I love them, I love UNIF! I know UNIF has been around a lot on the blogosphere but it's well deserved their boots and clothes are super amazing, I want it all! I'm poor so that's definitely not happening. One day, one day!

Have you found any bargains recently?
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