Friday, 11 March 2016

Mildreds Vegetarian Vegan Restaurant

If you live in London then you may have heard of Mildreds a very delicious vegetarian vegan restaurant. Originally in Soho and now expanded to Camden and King Cross. I have eaten in both of the newer restaurants and oh my it was so delightful. I have been a vegetarian for about 8 years now and I'm not the type who just eats nuts and seeds I love a good hearty meal and this is exactly what Mildreds is in my eyes. 
Their menu has a very varied selection of meals from curries to burritos to pie yummmm. So no rabbit food, score. I most recently went with my boyfriend on a Sunday where he had the roast and I had the pie. Now John is a huge meat eater, steak and a burger on the side type of guy and even he enjoyed it. Previously I went with my girl friends, now we are a restaurants worst nightmare as I am a veggie, another is gluten free and another dairy free. This just meant that Mildreds was the perfect venue for us. So many options for everyone, even the deserts were dairy and gluten free! We had crumble, brownies and sticky toffee pudding. Mouth watering as I am typing this!
Best thing about Mildreds is their prices are pretty reasonable and their cocktails are pretty tasty too! If you are in London I would recommend that you check them out!



  1. look so yummy!

  2. I almost went to Mildred's in Kings Cross last week but we ended up getting lost and gave up haha! But I'm still dying to try it out, all your food looks amazing and as someone who is trying to go veggie I always appreciate an amazing veggie friendly restaraunt!

  3. This restaurant looks amazing! I'm also vegetarian and just like you I'm not a fan of nuts and seeds (and to be honest, salads) so that would definitely be for me! That's quite a challenging combination haha although I think it will get easier with time as many restaurants start offering veggie, vegan and gluten free options. :) xx

  4. this sounds yummy. I eat meat but my sis is strict veggie so I go lots of veggies places with here. there must be such more choice in London though

    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  5. That looks fabulous! I've heard of the restaurant before and have been itching to go.

    Lucy x

  6. This restaurant looks truly amazing. Really loved reading its reviews. My cousin is looking for such nice event venue for her bachelorette party. Will definitely suggest this one to her. Thanks for this helpful post!


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