Monday, 25 April 2016

New addition: Tattoo

Back in March I got myself a new tattoo. I discovered Lilly via instagram and when she posted that she would be guesting in London at the family business in Angel I jumped at the chance to get booked in with her. I told her roughly what I wanted and she drew up the design and it is beautiful! And the tattoo turned out even better than the design. I originally wanted the tattoo on my left side but Lilly pointed out that the design would look deformed when moving. She was definitely right once she put the stencil on it really didn't look right. So I ended up getting it on my leg next to another tattoo. 
We had a good chat through it and I couldn't be happier with it! The heart is all healed now and I'm still in love with it! I have a few more tattoo ideas up my sleeve which I can hopefully get before the Summer time but I may have to delay it to post Summer depending on the bank account. 

Have you got any tattoo in the pimp line?



  1. Oh my gosh Sophie it looks gorgeous! Such a beautiful design, Lilly did an amazing job X

  2. Could never decide on a tattoo to get but this is so gorgeous!
    No wonder you love it!
    Reminds me a lot of a necklace I have, it's from a jewellery line sold on etsy called Industrial Hearts by the shop monsterkookies. - might be something that interests you?

    Chloe from


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